Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Living Things and Non-living things

Living things and Non-living things are subjects that one has to master. The basic of all sciences relies on the student learning to differentiate between the two. There are things that are obvious to tell apart, however things that are living but are hardly moving may get confusing at times.
Living things
Living things are things that are alive, as the word implies. Alive could mean a couple of things: breathing, growing, moving and reproducing. However not all characteristics would automatically determine if the object is living or not. Examples of living things are:animals, plants, insects, bacteria and of course, humans. All types of living things needs energy to keep on existing, this is done through several means or methods.
Non-living things
In the meantime non-living things are the exact opposite of living things. They do not exhibit any growth and they do not have a life of its own. They do not eat, sleep, reproduce, and respond to any forms of stimuli. There are non-living things however that can grow in size. An example would be icicles formed from rain and snow. They grow in size however they are not living.


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