Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Difference between Living and Non-living Things

Living things exhibit life while non-living things does not. Living things grow, produce and move; non-living things do not. Living things needs energy and can even produce their own energy just like the plants, while non-living things do not need energy since they do not grow. Living things move, even plants have movement even if it is limited. Non-living things on the other hand does not move unless influenced by another source. If living things can grow, they most absolutely have the capacity to die; non-living things do not die because they are not alive to begin with.
It may be an easy subject to tackle however once you delve into the specifics of each subject, you will soon realize that there are characteristics that makes distinguishing between the two very difficult.
In brief:
• Living things can exhibit life while non-living things can not. They breath, grow, and need energy to exist, and most of them need air to breath.
• Living things can move while non-living things can not unless if they are moved by another force.
• Living things have the capacity to reproduce on their own while non-living can not unless of coursed reproduced by a living object, for example, a human making car parts.
• Living things will sooner or later die while non-living things does not have the capacity to live nor die.

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